Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I love animals and taking pictures of animals, especially dogs.  Since the tornado and all the storms in 2011 the neighborhood hasn't seemed like an appealing spot for attracting wildlife. Back when we first moved into the neighborhood and before we got Buddy, there were always deer roaming in the backyard. (Haven't seen a deer since Buddy came along....and not sure I'm too broken up about it.....who needs more deer ticks?!) Over the years I have also spotted a bobcat, fisher cats and fox.
This past fall I was walking through the family room and looked out the window only to see a very Neanderthal bird on the side of our pool.  I immediately ran for my camera and prayed he'd hang there long enough for a couple shots. I believe this is a heron...possibly a blue heron? We certainly have seen them flying overhead more than I remember prior to the storms. How cool to see one of these up close and personal!

Squirrels have been pretty scarce since the tree population disappeared.  This past fall was a really good pumpkin year and I stocked up on pumpkins for outside décor and carving.  I eventually moved most of the softening pumpkins to the edge of the back woods.  One smart squirrel found our stash and cleaned out every pumpkin.  Must be the same one that I photographed from our front door taking care of this pumpkin. Oh boy was he/she plump....and very helpful in posing for some shots.

Although we don't have any mature trees nearby, we do have a large group of beautiful cardinals that spend the winter feeding at our next door neighbor's feeders. There must be a dozen male and female cardinals that zip back and forth between the feeders and the shrubs in between our houses.  I grabbed my camera one snowy winter day to get a few shots since I knew the background would be so pretty. I could look at these beautiful birds all day long.

While I was focusing on the cardinals something caught my eye at the cluster of bird feeders these same neighbors have on the edge of their back woods. I looked a little closer only to see a beautiful fox watching the birds....or maybe a squirrel....at the feeder.  The focus wasn't so great with the busy background, but I did get a couple shots from a distance of this beautiful, healthy fox. 

I called my neighbor to tell her the fox was at her feeder and she called to thank me later since it was truly a beautiful sight to see.

It's not national park or forest, but I was pretty pleased with the opportunity to view and photograph some wildlife from the comforts of home this past year!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fall Highlights!

On my quest to become current with this blog, I decided it would be easier and quicker to combine the best of fall highlights into one post.
Scout's Halloween
The annual Scout's Halloween party proved to be fun as usual.  There were many stations of activities set up including make-your-own snacks, toilet-paper mummies, face painting and tattoos, mystery box, no-handed donut eating, etc.  We had Luke's costume picked out and purchased early again this year which I was convinced had caused a jynx again as we watched Hurricane Sandy come up the East coast towards us on October 29th.  New York and New Jersey shores were devastated but we were spared any trouble.  I was mostly nervous that heavy winds would cause downed trees, power outages and the second year in a row of cancelled Halloween.  Thankfully, this was not the case!!
The Scouts Halloween event was a success across the board.

Celebrating Nine!

After a fun soccer season, Luke wanted to keep the fun going and decided on a soccer-themed birthday. His party happened to be on the same day as his Jamboree which had been a huge success.  The kids were on a high and just ran around with no organized game for the party. I tried my hand at a soccer cake and although it looked neat, the pattern turned out a little flowery in my opinion. But Luke liked it and it was delicious!

Halloween Parade
It was my very last Halloween parade at Mile Tree. This has always been a favorite event of mine, watching all the familiar smiley faces walk by in their costumes.  Chica looked adorable in that witch costume and enjoyed saying hello to people who she spotted in the crowd.

Fall Soccer!

Chica definitely loves soccer. She had lots of fun this fall with her little team and they won some games! She never complained about going to practice or games and always tried her little heart out. 

 Luke's team didn't win many games but at the season ending Jamboree they went undefeated!  What an exciting end to his season. All of his buddies were on this team and I was a little nervous there would be too much goofing around. But Coach Bret and Coach Kathy kept them in line and they behaved! Luke really liked playing goalie and showed he wasn't afraid of the ball. 


Ben's team did very well. They won most of their games and made the playoffs. They headed up to Huntington for playoffs and lost a heartbreaker from a bad referee call. I don't usually place blame on referees for losses, but there truly was a terrible call. Ben's best game of the year was his first game of the season which was on the first day of school. He slept horribly the night before and I was sure he was going to come home from school with a raging headache. But he didn't and the adrenaline from his first day at the Middle School fueled his body. He played amazing and I was so proud!